Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

Interview coaching sessions enable you to identify your true strengths and gain more confidence in your abilities. Enhance your interviewing skills. Articulate your success stories and convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate for the position. Go through your next interview without feeling the least bit intimidated! Boost your chances using WinTheView™, as noted near the end of this page.


Do employment interviews make you uncomfortable?

Can you confidently articulate your success stories?

Do you want to get an offer and close the deal?

If your answer is “yes”, you are in good company. Most people are intimidated because they have lost confidence, they feel rejected, they feel uncomfortable talking about themselves, or they haven’t yet learned good interviewing skills. Whatever your interview fears, we can assist you to confidently articulate your unique promise of value – what you are bringing to the table.

Remember that the interview is a two-way street. The employer has a position to fill and you have the skill sets for the position. It’s your job to convince the employer that of all the candidates in the pool, you’re the one!

How can we help?

Interview coaching is a valuable investment, and the success of your interview hinges on how prepared you are. We want you to be confident, from the moment you’re invited to the interview to the time you negotiate your compensation package. How better to do so than to schedule a few practice sessions with us?

We model our sessions using behavioural type questions where you have to recall stories from the past that address the challenges you faced, the approach you used and the results or outcomes. This method allows you to tackle any questions asked whether they are framed as traditional or behavioural questions.

We are partners in your success!

Interview In ProgressThe process involves a mandatory 2-hour session (by phone or in-person) with homework assignments between. You may choose additional sessions where you can try out your new skills in a non-judgmental environment and receive helpful feedback. Are you ready to move forward?

INVESTMENT: Starting from $250.00*

NOTE: Final fee depends on the level of the client and if a presentation is required.

*Fee subject to change without notice


Win The View™

Interview Coaching


We have been certified (first in Canada) by WinTheView™ to offer the WTV™ system that empowers job seekers to create their own private, secure portfolio of interview presentations, accomplishment stories, online career portfolios, video elevator pitches, and-follow up letters.Their documents are stored securely online for convenient retrieval anytime, anywhere.

Developed by recruiting professionals, the WTV system helps the job seeker “Market Themselves” by generating a presentation document that concisely articulates why they should be selected for the opportunity at hand. This process follows a consultative selling approach while focusing on an employer’s needs. It outlines how the prospective candidate will benefit the hiring organization. Their new Online Portfolio feature helps users to easily create personalized career websites that can help them to market themselves and compete for specific opportunities.

According to the developers, “The WinTheView™ online interview tool helps job seekers ‘nail’ the interview and land the job. Designed by recruiting and sales professionals, these step-by-step tools help job seekers communicate the relevant information that hiring managers are looking for via online marketing tools and printed PDF presentations. The tools walk job seekers through the creation of online portfolios, video elevator pitches, customized interview presentations and STAR based success stories.”

The developers of this innovative tool have given us permission to offer the innovative WTV™ interview system to our clients at no extra cost when they purchase our Interview Coaching package! (Limited time offer).

If you need additional help to market yourself more effectively to employers, then make your decision now because the offer won’t last!

Contact us at 647 930-4763 regarding our special offer on these innovative tools.


Comments from Interview Coaching Clients:

“You really helped me focus/craft my answers to broad questions by fitting them into the framework of: circumstance, action I took, result, and how I’d apply that to the role.  I really needed that because of the breadth and depth of my work experiences. 

You gave me really constructive feedback on my interview style, posture, “presence”, etc.  I took them to heart and was cognizant of your feedback during subsequent interviews.

It’s no coincidence that 2 of the 3 roles I interviewed for – after working with you – went all the way to 3rd/final interviews.  While the roles were definitely well aligned with my skill set, if I didn’t execute at the interview phases, I would not have proceeded successfully through the process.” ~Director, Governance & Relationship Manager

“I got the job!!! I started today. Thanks SOOO much for your help Daisy. Not only are you great at what you do, but you are a pleasure to be around”.

Lily D. – Executive Assistant, Toronto

“Good, good news!!! The Chair called me and offered me the position. It was fully endorsed by the entire board. I will be negotiating a contract/start date throughout the next few days. Will keep you posted. Very excited – lots to learn, lots to do!!! Thanks again.”

Diane, CEO of an international charity organization.

“I have successfully passed all the interviews and have been accepted as a franchisee. I already started my training and I should takeover the franchise this summer. Thanks for everything.”

Daniel, Montreal

“…My panel interview with the Police Department was a pretty relaxed atmosphere…Thank you again for your help throughout the interview process. Every piece of advice you gave me really was a great help. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”

Rose, Guelph

“Thanks again for all your help preparing me for the interview. It definitely helped.”

Paul, Supervisor – Municipal Government

Join the list of those who have benefited from our services. An Interview Coaching session is a valuable investment that will determine whether you remain in the job you hate, or move your career forward!


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