Job Search Coaching

Job Search Coaching

Job search coaching can help you develop the strategies you need to find the job you want. If you want to be successful in this labour market, you need to stay current, and you need to embrace various job search techniques rather than relying on strategies that worked 2-5 years ago.

Do I need job search coaching?

Job search coaching may be right for you if you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions:

  • Have you been job searching without success?
  • Do you need to develop job search techniques that work in this labour market?
  • Would you like a promotion, or a position with another company?

Our Job Search Coaching Process

Job search coaching at The Wright Career Solution is a collaborative process that starts with the development of a marketing plan. This plan ensures that the time you spend looking for a job is time well spent.  In addition to helping you target your search, a coach can also help you stay focused and organized; two key components of a successful job search.

Job search coaching can help you:

  1. Create a job search marketing plan
  2. Expand your network of contacts
  3. Develop your research skills and uncover hidden job opportunities
  4. Identify potential employers
  5. Develop your elevator pitch / brand statement
  6. Apply social media tools

The Hidden Job Market: Learn how to tap into the hidden job market through research, and by structuring your networking efforts. Spend less time applying online and more time on strategies to help you get the attention of decision makers.

Communicating With Your Network: Learn how to engage and communicate with your network; develop your elevator pitch, and create emails that get read. You will also get ready-made scripts to help you make contact with confidence.

Job Search Resources: Learn how to research industries and companies; find key decision-makers, and discover strategies on how to work with recruiters.

Social Media and Your Job Search: Social media is a very important part of the job search process. This section teaches you how to leverage LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, manage your online reputation, and boost your online presence.

Interview & Negotiation Strategies: This section not only teaches you how to prepare for an interview, develop  interview stories and how to negotiate like a pro, but discusses the various types of interviews.


  • Understand what makes a great resume and why results are more important than responsibilities
  • Network and follow up with industry professionals, companies, recruiters, peers, etc.
  • Create a job search blueprint that will point you in the “Wright” direction
  • Prepare for interviews and set yourself apart from your competition

Complementary services:

At The Wright Career Solution, we include a review of your career marketing documents (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, biography) as part of our job search coaching services.  It is critical that these documents sell your skills to potential employers; otherwise they may actually undermine your job search efforts.  If you need assistance developing these documents, check out our Executive Resume services.

We also offer other career management services including: Interview Coaching and Career Coaching.

Book an appointment:

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As founder and Lead Career Strategist at The Wright Career Solution, I provide resume writing and career services to executives, managers, and mid-career professionals. I hold several industry certifications including Certified Career Management Coach, and Certified Executive Leadership Development Coach, and Certified Resume Strategist, and I am known for my positive, ‘can-do’ attitude.
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