Dear Daisy,

Working with you has been a great pleasure and exceptional experience on so many levels.

Some of us come to you at that point of our lives when we need not only professionally written resume and/or a career coach’s advice. Oftentimes it is a pivotal point when we need to understand who we really are and what we ought to do to find professional and personal satisfaction; to feel happy and contented about what we are doing, beyond making money – which is still undeniably the driving reason for our search.

To me it has been far more than a self-definition process and I feel blessed that I found my way to you at the most difficult time of my life – no exaggeration.  Your professional knowledge, helpful advice and assuring confidence came just in time when I needed it, maybe more than the resume. Thank you so much for all of it – professional help and personal connection, which I hope to keep for now and in the future.

Mia, Operations & Project Manager

April 2014