Sometimes it’s best that my clients speak on my behalf. Below are some select testimonials:

“I wanted to touch base to say thank you for our meetings, I also wanted to let you know where I landed. I signed this week with a Venture Capital company where I’ll be dedicating my time to growing all businesses within their Think Tank. I couldn’t be more excited for the challenge! Wish me luck, and hopefully our paths cross again in the future.”

LJ – Director of Growth Marketing


Salary Negotiating Story: “In my interview, I said that I could work with $100k. On Friday, they started with $90k (plus profit sharing) + 3 weeks of holidays (plus paid time off at Christmas). I said I’d like $100k + 4 weeks of holidays. I expected that they’d come back with $93 or $95k, so was happy when they just said ‘yes’!” ~MN, Film Producer


Account Consultant, Rogers Communications

“I was too excited to wait until after work so I went through all the proposed changes and the questions. I knew you were great but you are phenomenal. I am truly fortunate to have the assistance and support of a award winning subject matter expert. I cannot thank you enough.” ~MM


“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” ~ James Allen

“From the bottom of our heart my family and I would like to thank you for your help, advice and words of encouragement. We truly appreciate your kindness, support and generosity.” ~WB, Statistician


Corporate Lawyer:

“I hired Daisy while I was considering a career shift to another position.  Through an unexpected turn of events, I ended having two opportunities open up, and had to choose between two very good offers.  Working with Daisy, I was able to really crystallize my core values and objectives, and make a decision confidently.  Daisy also helped me in affirming my value so that I could assertively – and successfully – negotiate a compensation model I’m very happy with.  Sensible, down-to-earth, and savvy, Daisy “gets it”.  Considering how quickly career decisions add up professionally, financially, and emotionally, for me it was a no-brainer to invest in good advice.” DK (Read his story in this Blog Post: Negotiated more than twice his salary).


Director of IT:

“Hi Daisy, I have accepted a position at York University – Lassonde School of Engineering as Director of IT…Will be joining next week. Thanks for all your support and attention.”


Health IT Project Manager:

“I came to the Wright Career Solution as someone who would get an interview, but not get a job offer. I wondered what was it that I was doing to get so close yet still so far? Why weren’t employers committing to my vision of the role? So, I contacted Daisy through her website, and she got back to me very quickly.

We had a few weeks to get prepared for my interview and true to her word she asked me the questions I had thought I had asked myself enough times. Somehow, she got me to dive deep into the reasons why I was not getting the job offer. I realized through working with Daisy that I have never been well prepared for an interview and I was just finding this out now!!

She coached my language use, how to market myself, how to look at a job description and dissect it to its tiniest parts and build it back together to a riveting story that captivates the audience of my hiring committee.

Thank you Daisy! The Wright Career Solution got my career in the right direction! Everyone should invest in a career coach.



“Hi Daisy, I hope you still remember me. I just wanted to share the good news with you. I have finally relocated to UK and got a good job here. I wanted to thank you for motivating me. Take care. Regards, Prateek


Director, Governance & Relationship Management:

I am thrilled to report that I got the Director, Governance & Relationship Management role at XXX!! Wooohooo!!! They called me late yesterday afternoon and I’ve been celebrating and thanking God ever since!

Thanks so very much for your very practical, yet game-changing assistance. There’s no doubt in my mind that my success with my final two applications (XXX and XXX) has been highly influenced by the application of the principles I learned from you.

Thanks also for your words of support and your prayers throughout, Daisy. It really meant a lot to me. Meeting you has been a true “bonus” of my unemployment experience.

Thanks again,


Service Delivery Manager:

Hi Daisy,

As a follow up, after completing 4 rounds of interviews, I was offered the role of Service Delivery Manager (SDM)!

I wanted to share with you how I secured the deal, when it was down to the final 3. I’m not the best at being interviewed, which is why I reached out to you. During one of the rounds of interviews the Director was casually discussing how the U.S. market was growing and how they hoped the new SDM would assist with the implementation of a new team.

When I was called back for the final interview, I was advised it would only be 30 minutes long. I was worried, due to my interview fear, so I decided I would have a plan B, that was tangible and demonstrate my skills. I put together a 14 page presentation for the implementation of a new delivery team for the U.S. market.

The 30 minute interview was hell for me! and when it was over,  I could not present the presentation as there was no time, so I ended up handing it out, without any real overview. I left there feeling it was a bad interview.

Two days later, the Director gave me a call and said, they were so impressed with the work I had done on the presentation. Which demonstrated that I could show initiative, understand the detail and the big picture, that they wanted me on their team!

I start next month and I am so excited

Thank you for your support!

Mark B.


“You really helped me focus/craft my answers to broad questions by fitting them into the framework of: circumstance, action I took, result and how I’d apply that to the role.  I really needed that because of the breadth and depth of my work experiences.

“You gave me really constructive feedback on my interview style, posture, “presence”, etc.  I took them to heart and was cognizant of your feedback during subsequent interviews.

“It’s no coincidence that 2 of the 3 roles I interviewed for – after working with you – went all the way to 3rd/final interviews.  While the roles were definitely well aligned with my skill set, if I didn’t execute at the interview phases, I would not have proceeded successfully through the process.”

Catherine M.


“Daisy clearly knows her subject matter. She was able to come up with some suggestions that are very relevant, proving her experience in the field. I was impressed by the fact that she took time to do her homework before our meeting. When she makes a promise, she fulfills it. She promised to send me a document of verbs and she delivered. That makes a lot of difference to me. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and colleagues because I know they will not be disappointed.” B. Guwa, Senior IT Professional


Senior Labour Relations Manager:

I don’t think I realized at the time just how much of a return on investment would come my way when I first reached out to you.

In working with you, I found that the process of resume development should be pursued with thoughtfulness and consideration.  Taking the time to focus in on the accomplishments of my past and quantifying my value in each role has been one of the greatest practical skills I have learned from you.  One of the first things I did at work was quantify the mediation work I performed into legal/arbitrations savings for my Director.  She was wowed by that information and immediately wanted to show the City Manager.

I was extremely impressed with the extra efforts you took to assist me with my moderator assignment – helping me craft a biography and even building on my speaker’s notes.  The rave reviews I received for that initiative was definitely attributable to your encouragement, support and assistance.  You’re coaching skills are outstanding.  Ever since you recommended ways to build upon my personal brand, I have been journaling my work accomplishments and projects every week so that I have something to look back upon for ease of application and retrieval.

Daisy, you’re a consummate professional.  You’re passionate about your work and ensuring that your client puts their best foot forward.  You helped me identify and promote myself through an eye catching marketable resume and cover letter.  I even marveled at my accomplishments after reading your work.

I hope that we can continue to work with each other in the future.  You will be the first person I call for coaching and interviewing tips when the time comes.  It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you.  Thank you very much for all that you’ve done to help me in this next phase of my career.

Rochelle P., Senior Labour Relations Manager


S.D., Professional Engineer (P. Eng.)

The client below interviewed with the City of Brampton, and received the job offer.


Dear Daisy,

Working with you has been a great pleasure and exceptional experience on so many levels.

Some of us come to you at that point of our lives when we need not only professionally written resume and/or a career coach’s advice. Oftentimes it is a pivotal point when we need to understand who we really are and what we ought to do to find professional and personal satisfaction; to feel happy and contented about what we are doing, beyond making money – which is still undeniably the driving reason for our search.

To me it has been far more than a self-definition process and I feel blessed that I found my way to you at the most difficult time of my life – no exaggeration.  Your professional knowledge, helpful advice and assuring confidence came just in time when I needed it, maybe more than the resume. Thank you so much for all of it – professional help and personal connection, which I hope to keep for now and in the future.

Mia, Operations & Project Manager


I never thought I would be able to land a full time job with benefits as quickly as I did.

You thoughtfully guided me through the interview process by: meeting with me to get a better understanding of my situation. You listened to my challenges, heard my career goals, understood my direction and provided clear and comprehensive ideas to move through the interview process. Not only did your positive outlook and expertise and knowledge in the area of career development help me, but your caring and understanding nature made me feel that I had the right person in my corner.

Daisy, you are an absolute gem! Thanks to you, I am moving forward in a direction that I want, not what someone has dictated to me.

Michelle L.


I would like to heartily thank you for your tremendous support and guidance for equipping me and helping me build my career profile and mindset. I have no words to thank you for the level of effort and personal interest you took to mentor and coach me. I have learnt a lot from you in many ways Daisy and even if I have a new coach assigned to me, you would always be the best coach I have ever had. It has been an immense pleasure to have had you as my career Guru, and I hope I get an opportunity to work under your guidance again. ~Govind, Senior IT Project Manager


Hi Daisy,
I hope you are doing well. Remember that job posting you sent me about a Bilingual Marketing Manager for a government agency? Well that was the job I had to translate my resume into French. I wanted to let you know that I got an offer and I accepted it. I am very excited since there will be a lot of interesting challenges and I am getting everything I want – salary, vacation and benefits.

I wanted to thank you for all your help and I will keep in touch to let you know how things are going.

Kindest regards,





Thank you for your skills in doing the Resume and Cover Letter considering the short time constraints.  The President of the prospect company (my new company) said it was the best he had ever seen.  I enjoyed working with you as you provided a casual, relaxed atmosphere, that allowed me to express my goals and dreams.  The survey and information you provided was comprehensive and forced me to rethink who I am, what I have to offer and reevaluate my path forward.  You were prompt in your replies to my questions and needs.

Best of luck,


Note: This client interviewed for and accepted a Senior VP position


Hello Daisy,

How are you? I just thought I would send you an update on how things are going since you did my resume for me about a year ago. I was offered a position last October as Marketing Manager for a Therapeutic Clinic as a result of networking.

At first I thought the offer was a bit of a pie in the sky – it sounded too good to be true! The position is very exciting for someone like me since I am a bit of a health freak. It’s sales and marketing, lots of people contact and lots of hours.

The pay package is generous, $100,000, plus expenses, with soon the offer of shares. They were happy that I was able to come on board and not require a drug, dental or a retirement plan. You see, I am well covered under my husband’s plans. Pinch me I’m dreaming.

Daisy I want to thank you for all your help with my resume. You were great. As it turned out I handed out very few resumes, but that’s not the point. With a great resume I had confidence. I felt good about myself. The thought of producing a resume for a 23 year self employed person, what a daunting task. You were wonderful. The time we spent together in consultation at your home office was very helpful and informative. If you would ever like to use me as a reference, not that you really need references – your reputation speaks for itself – I would be only too happy.

All the best

Laurie Anne



How can I count the many ways you changed my life? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ………million….!

I came to you at a crucial turning point in my life and was desperate for direction and advice. I had no idea of my career direction. I spent many challenging months trying to re-format my resume to present myself to a potential employer in the best way that I could.

A week ago, I presented my new resume and cover to a potential employer. I received an interview call immediately, where before, with my previous resume draft, I received no response. I had one interview with a large international company and they are eager to bring me aboard. One interview landed me the job! I can only attribute my success to my fantastic resume and cover letter in conjunction with your coaching and inspiration. You gave me the confidence I needed to “Go Get It’.

Thank you Daisy! You opened the door for me and I went forward with a positive outlook.

You truly are an amazing person. You are definitely on the top of my favorite people list and I will be shouting it from the rooftops!

With much Respect and Gratitude!



Hello Daisy,

I am so happy to share with the world my experience with you. To begin my journey, I initially felt skeptical about hiring someone to do my resume, for I was unsure and was already feeling self defeated.

Upon meeting you, your wisdom and professionalism and desire to work with me impressed me and won me over. The end result is a professional package that I will submit to prospective employers. Not only is the package a reflection of your hard work, but you made me feel confident in my abilities and knowing that others will see me as a true professional. As a career coach you understand the politics of the corporate world and have insights that help to guide me in the right path. I will forever be grateful to you, and feel you are a gift that I have been given, and look forward to a lifelong collaboration with you for all my professional documents. Thank you Daisy.

Lydia P.
“Hair Stylist to the Stars”


Hi Daisy,

Thank you seems so inadequate to say to you. I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate your constant advice, guidance, coaching and most importantly just being there. You never wavered in your professional support and you remained positive even when I was ready to give up or felt that tinge of negative emotion. You always encouraged me to look beyond my present and prepare for the bright road ahead.

When you mentioned to me to start writing things down, I didn’t get it at first until you explained your thinking behind it. I realized that it really was a way to motivate myself and reinforce positively that I can achieve if I persevere. Never giving up hope and always making the most out of any situation. Our thoughts breed life. With that you need not say anything else, because that underscored everything you have ever said, written or believed.

You are a good person and the ideal person for the field you so passionately work in.

Warmest Regards,



Wow! I would certainly hire this person in a minute! You did a great job on my resume.

Corrine D. (National Account Manager/Senior Sales Rep, Mississauga)

“Daisy, I just got a job with XYZ Company as their Technical Rep. I will have the Eastern District from Manitoba to the East Coast. I have been offered more money than I made at JCP plus a company car. Again, thanks for all your help”.

LD, Technical Rep/Trainer


Coach Extraordinaire!

Thank you for a wonderful evening! It was so generous for you to be there for the people like that. There was certainly some great energy in the room, good interactions and lots of questions. You have a very engaging manner and were able to respond to the people’s concerns. I haven’t seen many speakers go out of their way to do that. And the nonstop wellspring of ideas was impressive too.

Linda F. – Coaching Client & Workshop Attendee


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop last Wednesday. I have attended a few workshops at this place and yours was by far the best. Your talk was very motivational. You are a true inspiration to me.

O.L. – Admissions Officer


Just a brief thank you for completing my resume. I have appreciated your dedication and tenacity in getting the work done. I will certainly pass on your information to others.

EM – Member, Medical Review Tribunal & Registered Nurse


It truly was a pleasure working with you, I learned a number things during this process and I am profoundly grateful for your professional input. Also, I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone requiring same.

God bless.

Trevor W – Senior Technical Specialist, MCI – New York


Hello Daisy,

My interview went well & I have a follow up interview on the 23rd of this month. They really liked my resume, so I wanted to tell you thanks again.

S.J. SAP Certified Consultant, Boulder, Colorado

“I am very impressed with the draft. It’s as if I had died and gone to heaven.”

D.L. Manager, SEARS


Hi Daisy, just wanted to let you know that I have now secured a job on the medical oncology unit of the Main City Hospital. I start on Jan 3rd ’06. Thanks again for your help with my winning resume. They were very impressed and the interview went so well they offered me the job on the spot!!!

Thanks again, H.V. (Registered Nurse)


As a newcomer to Canada, I could not have been in more capable hands, as I tried to deal with the challenges of finding my way into the Canadian workforce and society. Not only were you professional and competent in your knowledge of career coaching, resume preparation and psychological reorientation, but the passion which you brought to your work was infectious and was a great motivation for me. Keep up the good work!!

EAH, Communications Specialist


Say no more! The session shifted my mindset immediately! Her examples were current and topical!

GL – Accountant


I don’t know how to thank you, really Daisy. You developed my resume and cover letter; coached me the day before my interview, and prepared me for membership in ARIDO. You helped me in so many areas that words can’t express. I can’t forget you. Thanks and God bless you.

GG – Interior Decorator


This was a very good workshop. I was able to connect with the presenter and the group. It made the process very rewarding.

HC – Sales Manager


I enjoyed every moment of the session and I would return for other sessions

DA – Research Clerk


You’ve been a tower of strength, a real power house, my Mentor. Your professionalism, passion and expert advice in both career coaching and resume writing has been exceptional. You have a special way of being able to deal effectively with a wide cross section of individuals, and your way with words is a special gift. Thanks for all you have done.

MM – Administrative Assistant


Dear Ms. Wright,

I am Jenni-Lee, the student at Rutgers University who asked you for advice about Behavioral Interviews. I would like to thank you for your help again, and our group did a great job both with the paper and the presentation. The professor was impressed with our content and information, and so did our classmates. We got a pretty high grade on this project. Thank you so much for your help, and I did learn lots about this topic. Best regards,

JLC – Rutgers University Student, New Jersey


I really appreciate all the help and encouragement you have given me with my resume, job search ideas and job postings. I thank you so much. Keep up the good work. I am impressed by the creativity and professionalism that you demonstrate in your work. You are also well known in the job search/workshop community. Your name came up a couple of times, and that tells me that your work has touched many lives in a positive way. Once again thank you and keep up the good work.

KM – Certified Public Accountant

“Thank you”

I want to thank you very much for the work you did on my resume. I was pleased not only with the professional way you wrote my resume but also your follow up. This makes me feel that I am on the right track. I appreciate your work and your kindness. Thanks again.

ES – Graphic Artist & Web Developer

I appreciate all the effort and expertise you have put into the resume. I refer to it as a winning résumé and never hesitate to recommend you to others. What I like about you is the fact that although you are extremely busy you found time to communicate with me after the work was completed.

GED – Teacher

You did a good job with my resume, and I like the tips you gave me on interviews. I feel more positive to talk about my skills. Thank you.

AC – Engineer (Telecommunications)

I am sending you this card to show my appreciation for all the support and help you have offered me. Thanks to your support I am working with a company which I very much enjoy working for. Thanks for all you have done for me.

CM – Executive Assistant

This is a short note to let you know that I have been invited back for a second interview with GE Power Systems, and will be flying to Florida next week for one with FPL. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Many thanks.

MT – Engineer




As founder and Lead Career Strategist at The Wright Career Solution, I provide resume writing and career services to executives, managers, and mid-career professionals. I hold several industry certifications including Certified Career Management Coach, and Certified Executive Leadership Development Coach, and Certified Resume Strategist, and I am known for my positive, ‘can-do’ attitude.
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