A Quick Look at Our Resume Process

Our resume process is easy. As an executive, manager or mid-career professional, simply having a laundry list of job description statements put together as your resume will not get you noticed by employers, or get you interviews. What you need is a resume that:

  • is uniquely branded and tells YOUR story.
  • shows how you deliver value to your employer.
  • addresses your future employer’s needs.

We create customized, keyword-rich resumes. We invest time with you, our client, so that we can understand your goals, work history and accomplishments. We also make the additional effort to do independent research to gather vital information about your area(s) of expertise and the industry you work in. This information helps us create a professional resume that reflects your accomplishments and emphasizes the value that you will bring to an organization.

Getting Started Today!

Once you make the decision to have us as your career partner, the process is easy!

  1. Give us a call at (647) 930-4763 to schedule a time to discuss your current situation and your career goal.
  2. We will ask that you send us your current resume, cover letter, one job posting, a copy of your last performance appraisal, and any additional information that showcases your accomplishments and contributions.
  3. We will then schedule a resume strategy session conducted by telephone, to review the documents you sent and ensure we have everything we need. You will then be assigned homework – a resume planning questionnaire for you to recall your success stories and career high points.
  4. Once you have completed the questionnaire and return it to us, we will begin working for you to create your customized marketing documents.

Full payment is due prior to the start of your project. Our preferred method of payment is by Email Money Transfer or PayPal (online credit card).

Deliverables: The turnaround time for your first draft will be approximately 10-15 business days after making your payment and supplying all relevant information.

We provide two rounds of editing. Once you have approved the draft, we will finalize your project and transmit it to you.

Our Client Service Agreement spells out in detail how we work, how we are paid and when to expect your project.

As you may have already surmised, we believe in the uniqueness of each individual. We take the time to ask you the right questions that will enable us to craft your professional resume and your other career marketing document(s) to make sure they mirror your achievements and your value to the employer.

Additional Coaching Services

Having a unique resume is just one part of the job search process. Take advantage of our other services (interview coaching, salary negotiation, career coaching), to help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming, and uncertain job search landscape, or help you excel in your new role.

We look forward to welcoming you as a client.

If you are are looking for a resume quick fix, we cannot help you; our process takes time.

If you are serious about landing the job you deserve, and are willing to invest in yourself, we can definitely help. Give us a call @ (647) 930-4763.

If your resume is not ready for your job search, it’s time to hire an award-winning Certified Career Management Coach & Professional Resume Strategist.

Click here to review our Professional Resume Packages.

“Hiring a Professional Makes Good Career Sense”

Sample comments from our clients:

Thank you for your skills in doing the Resume and Cover Letter considering the short time constraints.  The President of the prospect company (my new company) said it was the best he had ever seen.  I enjoyed working with you as you provided a casual, relaxed atmosphere, that allowed me to express my goals and dreams.  The survey and information you provided was comprehensive and forced me to rethink who I am, what I have to offer and reevaluate my path forward…

Lyndon (Vice President)

Wow! I would certainly hire this person in a minute! You did a great job on my resume.

Corinne (National Account Manager/Senior Sales Representative)

Hi Daisy, just want to let you know that I have now secured a job on the medical oncology unit of the Memorial Hospital. I start on Jan 3rd. Thanks again for your help with my winning resume. They were very impressed and the interview went so well they offered me the job on the spot!!! Thanks again.

Valerie H. (Registered Nurse)


As founder and Lead Career Strategist at The Wright Career Solution, I provide resume writing and career services to executives, managers, and mid-career professionals. I hold several industry certifications including Certified Career Management Coach, and Certified Executive Leadership Development Coach, and Certified Resume Strategist, and I am known for my positive, ‘can-do’ attitude.
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